PTH Essential Oil Preventive System:

New Wave twenty-first century, a new field of alternative health, a complete physical and spiritual sense of architecture, the diversity of the overall education plan, combining the best of traditional techniques in the philosophy of mind; to meet the natural life of the original rule, with the way health To enhance the healing of the body parts , spine, blood, bones, nervous system and physiological, psychological, skin, cell structure, etc., and to remove the release of the negative emotional toxins that are left in the nature of life. Energy for the adjustment, the essence of life will wake us in the inner big, and the whole universe and together to create a miracle of life, and a happy future.
【PTH】 Original from French:
"P" head skull <spirit> - head thinking Control Center, blind spot resolve the subconscious 
"T" extensional <heart> midsection shoulder to the waist, work centers, action messages, - expression system of trust and acceptance, chest or feeling of
"H" bifurcation  <body> - the lower body of the body, move the center of the feet, the power of the action, the original energy of the group and the survival
  PTH refers to the defense system from head to toe, is to enhance the body, mind, spiritual reconstruction of the body care methods.

PTH essential oil anti-healing system is very widely used, can be classified induction:
1. Compressive course: Spiritual system
  Such as insomnia, headache, shoulder and neck pain, memory, mood, fatigue, etc. ...
2. Cardiopulmonary course: Respiratory system
  Such as: palpitations, nausea, nose allergies, cough, asthma, respiratory disorders, etc. ...]
3. Cong Conghua Memory Course: Digestive System
  Such as: stomach pain, digestion, malabsorption, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. ...]
4. Rejuvenating hormone course: Physiological system
  [Such as: menstrual flow, menstrual disorders, cold disease, dysuria, etc.]
5. Muscle Balance Course: Circulation System
  【Such as: cold hands and feet, not easy to sweat, edema, varicose veins, waist disease, etc. ...】
6. Lymphatic system courses: immune system
  Such as: lumps and swelling and pain, urticaria, skin allergies, eczema, regular cold, etc. ...]

PTH defense system emphasizes the use of non-intervention in the body's natural way (do not take medicine, do not move the knife) , the injured cells to decode, remove the bad mark left in the organ, cultured cell self-healing ability.
► enhance the function of metabolism: obesity, edema, toxins hoarding problems
► enhance antibody immunity: unknown allergic skin, physical, cold, etc ..
► balance autonomic nervous: melancholy, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, headache and other issues
► Adjust the spine works: congenital or acquired cause of the spine problems
► reduce all kinds of pain: bad posture caused by neck and neck, muscle and other symptoms of pain

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